Built-In Protection for the Life of Your Home

Pestubes-ln-The-Wall is a proactive, centralized pest control system designed to deliver a mild residual pesticide inside the walls of your home where bugs live and breed. Pestubes-ln-The-Wall  eliminates the need to spray within in your home
living areas by equipping your new home with a fundamental barrier against pests. Pestubes-ln-The-Wall is a reliable, modern approach to pest control that can help keep your family and home free of harsh pesticides.     The innovative Pestubes-ln-The-Wall system, incorporates a network of precision perforated tubes built into your home's framing, which are linked to a pesticide injection port located on the homes exterior. Because the tubes are serviced from the outside, you do not have to be home for service to be done.
Pestubes-ln-The-Wall eliminates the hassle of scheduling or missing pest control appointments.
Homeowner's will never waste another minute waiting for a pest control technician to arrive!


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