Phoenix Silverfish Control – Pest Control One offers professional silverfish inspections and treatment to Phoenix area homeowners for over 20 years.  You’ll get trained silverfish specialists using the most advanced techniques, tools and the best materials to provide you with a complete and thorough treatment to stop silverfish infestations.

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Did You Know?

Our recurring Pest Control Plans help prevent silverfish problems and infestations.  Prevention is key – and much cheaper!

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Click below to have one of our certified technicians perform a Silverfish inspection and treatment of your home.  Simply choose a service below to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

If you’ve seen one silverfish around your home, you can bet there’s more.  Silverfishes multiply quickly.  The sooner you get an inspection done…the better!



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Get Our Silverfish Extermination Guarantee

The only reliable way to reduce the risk of a returning silverfish infestations is to have recurring pest control services performed at your Phoenix home. When you purchase silverfish treatment services with the 3 month follow up plan, or a regular pest control service plan, we will guarantee the extermination of silverfish at your home or we will re-treat for FREE.

3 Month Plan Guarantee – We will revisit each month for 3 months for regular re-treatment and inspection. If they return after the 3 months…we will re-treat for FREE.

Pest Control Service Plan Guarantee – After the initial silverfish inspection and treatment we will re-treat and inspect for silverfish activity, along with regular services that we provide with our Monthly or Bi-Monthly pest control services.

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About Silverfish in Phoenix

What Are Silverfish:

Silverfish look like centipedes but they do not bite – either way, we still want them gone.
Silverfish get their name from the insect’s silvery appearance and fish-like movements. Silverfish are also known as “bristle tails” because of their three long, bristle-like appendages on the rear end of their body. Silverfish are found throughout the U.S.
The easiest and quickest way to eliminate silverfish is to contact a pest control specialist. Pest Control One can look at your situation and come up with the most effective way to eliminate them from your home. As soon as you see a silverfish in your home it’s a good idea to contact pest control company for help as they’re difficult to control on your own.

Ideal Nesting Sites:

Shake roofs are excellent breeding sites for silverfish during the warmer months, as they have an abundance of moisture, cellulose, starch and dead insects. From there, they can easily gain entrance and move down through the insulation to enter a home.


Silverfish will hide in the day and forage at night. They will eat paper and glue which makes wallpaper a favorite along with other insects and because they like to eat paper they are oftentimes brought into a building by way of cardboard boxes and books or paper from an area that is already infested. They can live for weeks without food and water and most silverfish can live 2 to 8 years which means they can be in your home a long time. 

Allergies and Disease:

For the most part, they’re just a pain to have around.  They do not carry diseases, or cause allergies. If there’s a heavy infestation present it can cause damage to paper products like books, papers, clothing wallpaper and synthetic fibers. Because they are nocturnal and secretive, an infestation can get out of hand before you realize it.


Silverfish Treatment in Phoenix

To get a control on silverfish, you’ll need to identify them first and any area you think they’re hiding in will need to be de-cluttered and treated. You can also use a dehumidifier to bring humidity levels down in your home that will cause them to look elsewhere for a place to live. The infestation needs to be treated for the adults and their living space. Insecticides and traps will kill silverfish on contact but will do nothing for an infestation. You may have a break but almost always will have them return.

If you have a silverfish problem in your home or you want to prevent one,  the time to take action is now.  Time, proper identification,  and the latest tools and techniques are the keys to silverfish extermination.  Our certified technicians aren’t afraid to get down on their hands and knees and do the dirty work it takes to identify and eliminate nesting spots.  We find that an ongoing regimen of regularly scheduled visits is essential for silverfish extermination,  and you can have our techs come early in the morning or late at night if that is better for your schedule.

Did You Know?

Our recurring Pest Control Plans help prevent silverfish problems and infestations.  Prevention is key – and much cheaper!


Silverfish Treatments – What To Expect

When one of our certified technicians comes to meet you at your convenience for a silverfish inspection and treatment, you can expect the Pest Control One team member to:

  • Inquire if / why you believe you may have silverfish in your home. 
  • Assess your property for any signs of silverfish or silverfish nesting areas.
  • Look for entry points that silverfish could use to gain entry to your home. 
  • Give you an opportunity to ask us any questions. 
  • Inspect your home for any other factors that may make your home more vulnerable to silverfish infestations.
  • Our technicians will use the latest eradication products and methods to target silverfish where they nest.
  • We will use a comprehensive approach tailored to your situation.

No preparation is needed for the inspection on your part.