Phoenix Bee and Wasp Extermination


If bees have become a problem on your property, for safety reasons, a professional should be called immediately to help remove the nest from your home or property.  The bee and wasp control experts at Pest Control One will assess your property and carefully exterminate the hive – keeping you and your family safe.  This service covers the extermination services and removal of any outdoor nests – which is the norm.

In rare situations there may be additional costs for removal of indoor hives – here’s why. Honey bee hives/nests can be inside walls, ceilings, floors, hollow trees or other cavities. Removal may require cutting holes in the building in order to extract the bees and their honeycombs.  This is a service that Pest Control One does not provide, but has companies it could suggest to you.

This Service Includes:


Assess your property for any signs of nesting areas.

Give you an opportunity to ask us any questions. 


Locate and exterminate bees or wasps using only products approved by EPA for residential use.

Locate and remove any outdoor hives or nests.


Effective professional products approved by the EPA.

We will perform this service putting you and your family's safety first.

Free call-backs if bees and waps are not completely eliminated.