Phoenix Silverfish Treatment Service – ONE TIME TREATMENT


If you have a silverfish problem in your home or you want to prevent one,  the time to take action is now.  Time, proper species identification,  and the latest tools and techniques are the keys to silverfish extermination.  Our certified silverfish technicians aren’t afraid to get down on their hands and knees and do the dirty work it takes to identify and eliminate nesting spots.

We find that an ongoing regimen of regularly scheduled visits is essential for silverfish extermination.  This is our One-Time silverfish treatment, with no follow-up.  For guaranteed extermination choose a treatment service with follow-up:

This Service Includes:


Inquire if / why you believe you may have silverfish in your home.

Assess your property for any signs of silverfish or silverfish nesting areas.

Give you an opportunity to ask us any questions.

Inspect your home for any other factors that may make your home more vulnerable to silverfish infestations.


Our technicians will use the latest eradication products and methods to target silverfish where they nest.

We will use a comprehensive approach tailored to your situation.


Effective professional products approved by the EPA.

We will perform this service putting you and your family's safety first.